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Keeping Pests Out Of The Garden

Page history last edited by Nina Edwards 6 years, 10 months ago

Pests in your garden can be an absolute nuisance, I've had my fair share of annoying infestations in my garden, where they are dead set on trying to destroy my beautiful flowers and leaves. Luckily, living in the UK we don't get too many different types of pest rearing their ugly heads, just a few.


Snails and slugs aren't really a cause for concern in low numbers, it's just when you realise there are hundreds of them nibbling away at everything they can find. I don't particularly like being inhumane and killing them but there is not really much of a solution other than that. Slug and snail pellets are the best way to go about this, you can just sprinkle them around where the damage is being done and eventually the little culprits will get their comeuppance.


Rodents aren't something you see everyday but I would assume that nobody wants them hanging around the garden even if you do never see them. Tell-tale signs that you have them is finding nibble marks around and also little brown droppings. If you do have them there is an interesting way to get rid of them. Using spent coffee grounds I’ve found that I can deter the little blighter from hanging around for long. It may be the smell but I’m not entirely certain, this stuff really does work.


You could always hire a Tim the Toolman Taylor to do it for you if you can't harm a fly.

So there are a few ways to get rid of those pests!


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