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Buying high priced fashion is a thing of the past in the current economic climate, unless you are a celebrity of course. For the majority of people shopping for handbags has become a little bit more clever, its no longer about name brands but rather about design, quality and price. With the shifting criteria for handbags, is it possible to find something cheap but well-made?

You can get inexpensive handbags which are just as nicely made as designer ones for less than half the money. Although cheap bags seem to have a bit of a bad reputation, the truth is that you don't have to spend too much to get a nice, affordable handbag that will fit your lifestyle. Inexpensive hand bags won’t come apart, and although you do have to put a little research into it, it is absolutely possible to get a cheap handbag which will fit your lifestyle.


Finding The Right Handbag

There are several types of cheap bags available for purchase, some of which include tote and clutch bags. Tote handbags are those which are designed to carry a great deal of things around and usually have an arm strap. They come in several shapes and designs, and they are used for going on outings. They are especially useful for students and those that have to carry around a great deal of things in their daily life.



Shoulder bags are used by many women in their daily routine. They are especially popular among students as a substitute for backpacks, as they can double as more lightweight, stylish versions of these. The tote handbag is affordable for a student as they can go from as little as $10 to $45 pounds at major retailers like Target and Walmart. Cheap tote bags come in all sorts of designs, colours and materials, including but not limited to: leather, fake leather and heavy fabrics. Whether you need it to carry stuff around in your daily life or for a particular outing, the shoulder bag is a need for many women.

The shoulder bag isn’t just for students; many professionals use it in their day-to-day life, as well as busy mothers. Inexpensive bags are ideal for those that are on a budget but want lasting quality and good build, because cheap bags doesn’t mean that they were cheaply made, all it means is that you will not have to empty your wallet spending all your money on high-priced fashion accessories.


Clutch and Evening Bags

Clutch handbags, another type of affordable womens handbag and one of the most popular. In contrast with the tote bag, the clutch bag is made so that the wearer is able to carry essentials, like wallet and keys, around. The three biggest types of clutch bag are zipper, envelope and tie.



The first one, like the name suggests, has a horizontal zipper. An envelope clutch bag, popular among celebrity circles, has a clasp or button in it which closes it shut, and a tie clutch bag has a slit on the side with a ‘knot’ detail on it which can be inserted into the slot to secure the bag shut. Clutch bags are essential accessories for that big night out in the town, and they go from as little as £25 to £40 pounds at major retailers. They are made from all sorts of different materials, which means that you can match them to every outfit in the way you want!

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